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A Clear Protection From Blisters, Sores, and Skin Irritations!

Liquishield Skin Protectant is designed to protect and prevent blisters, skin tears, and irritations unlike anything on the market! Simply break the vial open and roll Liquishield onto the skin. Liquishield will last up to 7 days before flaking off.

25 vials per box. Start At Square One for all your wound and skin care needs!

There is so many benefits to using Liquishield Skin Protectant. First, you can use it on broken as well as non-broken skin. So if you are trying to avoid blisters in your new shoes, break open a vial and rub it on the delicate skin of your feet. If you already have a sore, you can break open another vial and rub it on the blister so that there won’t be any direct rubbing. And if you do have broken skin, break open another vial and put it on top of the wound to form a protective, flexible barrier that will prevent germs that could lead to an infection. And with 25 vials in each box, you can break one open as often as you like.